Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Happy 70th Birthday Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson has cropped up on these pages several times over the years, not least here with a stunning performance of what is quite simply one of the greatest songs ever written. Today, Richard hits 70 years of age and thankfully shows no sign of slowing down. Even though his long recording career has resulted in a nigh-on impeccable series of albums, you really do have to see the man perform live to truly appreciate his full genius. I'm due to catch him in concert once again in the Summer, after which I'll be sure to report back.

Many happy returns of the day Mr Thompson.


John Medd said...

I'm so glad you didn't call him underrated!

Rol said...

Best guitar player I have ever seen play live. It was as if he had 4 hands.

And yes, I agree about Vincent Black Lightning - a classic.

Walter said...

All the best to him. He was the one I watched many times during the last decades live and it was always a pleasure. I use to listen to his songs mostly every month and I can get lost in his playing. And Vincent Black Lightning in his live version is a classic and can't be beaten

The Swede said...

John. Underrated? Not in this house. Underappreciated by the world at large - most certainly.

Rol. Just the 4? There have been shows where I've given up counting.

Walter. I'll never tire of watching him in concert. He rarely plays a song the same way twice.

drew said...

Have you heard this Swede? It may not be to your liking but it was my introduction to the music of Richard Thompson, well apart from Maria McKee's cover of Has He Got A Friend

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