Monday, 29 April 2019

Monday Long Song

A few weeks back, I shared a Klaus Schulze tune as part of this feature (here). In the accompanying post I reminisced about the youthful hours I spent laying on my best mate's front room carpet, with a speaker either side of my head, as all manner of experimental music washed through my ears. Here's another tune from that period. Much of Edgar Froese's debut solo LP 'Aqua' qualifies as ambient or at the most, gently rhythmic. The exception is 'Panorphelia', which has an unsettlingly dark undercurrent about it that gave me the willies in 1974 - and still does.

Edgar Froese - Panorphelia


Swiss Adam said...

I like that, fits right in with some of my current listening.

Brian said...

Ah, Rozi's back!

Edgar does give the willies, doesn't he?

drew said...

Another excellent tune Swede

The Swede said...

Cheers all. Yes Brian, Rozi has returned!

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