Monday, 23 September 2019

Monday Long Song

Photo borrowed from the Greasy Lake community

Time is very tight at the moment, but I just had to drop in to wish a very happy 70th birthday to The Boss. Here he is on his last visit to London with The E Street Band in 2016. I was there. Rumour has it that they'll be passing this way again in 2020 - if that truly turns out to be the case, I'll be there again. You should be too.

Jungleland (London 2016)


Alyson said...

Yes Happy Birthday indeed. I saw him at the NEC on my 21st birthday which means he must have been 32 back then. He's aged well and doesn't look very different now. Hope I fare as well!

Brian said...

I hope to have the energy of this guy when I'm 70. I'm not in the same stratosphere of fandom that you are, but I do think the new album is very good.

Rol said...

I will, dates permitting. Coventry last time. Hoping for somewhere a little closer to home this time.

drew said...

Springsteen is someone I have always wanted to see but have an aversion to stadium gigs, so have never done so. You certainly get value for money.
Not bought the new album as asking for 25 quid for the vinyl is what we up here would call “ripping the pish”

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