Monday, 9 September 2019

Monday Long Song

Faust's self-titled 1971 debut contains more musical ideas than you can shake a stick at and is quite the 34 minute sonic adventure. What it isn't though, is anything approaching an easy listen. The following year the band returned with their second LP, 'So Far'.  The record finds Faust still quirky, challenging and wildly experimental, but this time a tad more accessible. 'Its A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl' opens proceedings and is a particular favourite of noted Krautrock authority Julian Cope.

Faust - It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl


Ramone666 said...

As often, 100 % in agreement with Mr. Cope.

Walter said...

It is a superb song by a band that wasn't named often in the context of Krautrock. Faust were so different and it made me happy to listen to them again after years. And I also want to give a great compliment to your choice bringing back long forgotten songs in this series. Thank you Swede and go on.

drew said...

I love this tune, ever since I heard Stuart Maconnie playing it a good few years ago.

Anonymous said...

There's a story told by one of the band members that an influential French rock critic went to see their first show in Paris, and he was especially looking forward to hearing Gunther Wüsthoff playing the sax solo that pops up at the end of this song. Wüsthoff didn't want to, so there went their favorable review..

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