Monday, 17 February 2020

Monday Long Song

'Light in the Dark' would fit comfortably on a Massive Attack record, while 'Elephant Walk' shares a sonic similarity with the music of The Comet is Coming. Elsewhere, jumping afro beats nudge up against pulsating funk rhythms and droning dubwise bass locks horns with chiming psych-infused guitar. This is 'Infinity of Now', the first album in three years from The Heliocentrics. The record's closer, 'People Wake Up', is a tune of two dark halves. The first part channels Jean-Claude Vannier period Serge Gainsbourg, before seguing into what could easily pass as the soundtrack for a for a psychological horror film. Check out this belting LP in full on their Bandcamp page (here).

People Wake Up

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drew said...

I'm liking that a lot Swede. Thanks

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