Friday, 24 June 2022

Friday Photo #24

A couple of phone shots from my Edinburgh wanderings (click on either to enlarge)

Last week's Edinburgh blogging meet-up was an overwhelming experience for someone whose life these days usually revolves around either working, walking or sitting in a room listening to records. The whole trip has already attained a mystical status in my mind and I've thought of little else since arriving home. Half a dozen bloggers of this parish and a couple of their respective partners, the very finest of company one and all, some coming face to face in the real world for the very first time, others renewing old friendships. It really was was an absolute joy from start to finish. Then there's Edinburgh itself - what a magical place. I'd only visited the city once before, very briefly, about 15 years ago and had always wanted to return, though even with this longer stay I feel I've barely scratched the surface.

The Fall - Edinburgh Man


Martin said...

A fine city, and fine company.

C said...

Gorgeous photos, and yes, an absolute joy from start to Martin says, a fine city and fine company, an incredibly special few days.
I'm still gathering thoughts too and really must try to get something down in writing soon.

Swiss Adam said...

Sounds great Swede. We went for my 40th, 12 years ago now.

Alyson said...

Gosh, you really seem to have taken to Edinburgh TS so I'm really glad it became (after much delay) the meet-up venue of choice. We got good weather too which was a bonus and not that insufferable heat that was going on down south at the time. A fine few days in great company.

John Medd said...

Ditto that, TS. See you at Blog-Con23™!

Rol said...

Pretty amazing photos, Swede. Sounds like this jaunt did you the world of good.

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