Friday, 24 May 2013

Happy Birthday Bob!

Whether it's your 1st Bob Dylan concert or your 1001st, the chances are that by the time you enter the venue, you'll have a wish-list of songs you'd like to hear performed that night. It might be a great version of a favourite 'classic' from his catalogue that you're hoping for, or perhaps your fingers are crossed for a dusted off obscurity or rarely played gem. I, like many, have a wish-list of unlikely suspects as long as my arm - 'Dirt Road Blues' and 'New Pony' have been fairly high on it for years.

If we're talking unlikely scenarios, however, how about this? Bob and the band stand to receive their applause after the concluding blast of 'Thin Man', 'Watchtower' or 'Rolling Stone' and begin to file off the stage. Bob pauses, walks back to his keyboard and, alone in the spotlight, digs deep and gives us this.

Ah well, a man can dream can't he?

Many happy returns of the day Bob.


Anonymous said...

That would be utterly perfect! Glad you chose this b-side version rather than the one on 'Dylan'. Beautiful.
My dream is that Bob will begin as show with 'Where Are You Tonight?' one day. It may seem odd but I have a vision for this as an opener that has stayed with me for years. Of course, it will never happen. We must compile our dream gig lists.
Happy Birthday, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Given the nod at Expecting Rain. Cool.

The Swede said...

Singing Bear. 'Street Legal' is such an overlooked album in my opinion and much improved with the re-master a few years back. I fear we'll n'er see 'Changing of the Guards' or 'Where Are you Tonight' live again, I'm lucky to have seen them both at my first Bob show in 1978, but who knows?

Compiling our dream set-lists sounds like fun, we should get Old Pa involved too. I can't imagine that there'll be too many disagreements between us though!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Great idea I have seen Bob only about a dozen time and have always wanted him to play positively 4th street....the slow version....but alas...always like Street Legal and even better with the re-mix

Anonymous said...

Great version! Who is in the picture above???

The Swede said...

Old Pa. I've seen a couple of Pos 4th St's, but I don't think Bob nailed it on any of those occasions. The best live version I've heard is one with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

Anon. Thanks for stopping by. I have an interest in anonymous old photos and one can usually be found at the head of my blog. I update them fairly frequently.

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