Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Version City #10 - Pat Kelly

'Try to Remember' is a song from a musical, 'The Fantasticks', originally performed by Jerry Orbach in an off-Broadway production of the show in 1960 and thereafter covered many times in subsequent years.

Here's a bright 'n' breezy rocksteady treatment by Pat Kelly (often spelt Kelley), which appeared on the b-side of his 1969 single, 'How Long Will It Take?' I've had a scratchy copy of this 7" since the late 1970's, but on Sunday I was lucky enough to pick up an upgrade from a local car-boot sale for just 30p - good times!


Anonymous said...

That's taken at quite a lick, isn't it? I like it. There are hardly ever any boot sales around these here parts. I miss a good boot sale.

The Swede said...

I've had a handful of results from boot sales and flea markets over the years, less so these days though. On Sunday it mainly consisted of DVD's, computer games and baby clothes.

Happy with my Pat Kelly 7" and 1973 Topic LP, 'English Country Music From East Anglia' though!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Topic record sounds good. Does it have Sam Larner and Walter Pardon on it? I love Walter in particular. There are some good recordings are singers and musicians from an old pub somewhere in Suffolk. What was it could called? I think I haver some of them somewhere must look it up.

The Swede said...

You're possibly thinking of the Eel's Foot, which is near Leiston.

No Sam or Walter on this LP, it features Billy Bennington, Harold Covill, Percy Brown and (Leiston's own) Oscar Woods. The LP has a sticker on the front proclaiming it 'Melody Maker Folk Record of the Year 1973'. How times change.

Old Pa's Corner said...

That is top find at the boot.

The Swede said...

We need to hear some tales of your folk club days Old Pa. Have you ever posted about them?

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