Saturday, 18 May 2013

Smiley Smile

Technology, in the right hands, can sometimes provide such innocent fun.


Anonymous said...

Simon: OK, guys, what do you call yourselves?
Brian: Er, The Beach Boys, sir.
Simon: And do you do this for a living?
Dennis: We'd like to, sir, but at the moment I'm spending a lot of time with my surf board.
Simon: So this is surf music?
Brian: Yes, sir!
Simon: OK, let's hear it!

Two minutes, later...

Simon: Look guys, I'm sure you are all lovely people but the fact is, you have no musical talent whatsoever.
Louis: Oh, come on! These are great lads who just need a break. A little of my Irish spit and polish could easily turn them into the next Westlife. It's a 'Yes' from me!
Simon: I'm sorry but not even a pitch modulator could do it for you. You'll never be as good as the greats like Matt Cardle or Little Mix. Don't give up the day's a 'No' from me.

Brian: F***** English w******!!

Anonymous said...

The following year...

Simon: Hang on, haven't we seen you guys before?
Brian: Yes, sir. We're The Beach Boys.
Simon: Oh, no, no. Who let you in? OK, what have you go this time?
Brian: We're going to sing a tune I wrote about vegetables!

C said...


And a great, cheery start to the day - thank you!

C said...

PS - As was SB's response :-)

flycasual said...

Spot on SB!!

The Swede said...

Brilliant Mr Bear, quite brilliant!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Mildly amusing...but SB was right there....can you imagine Dylan on the Xfactor...

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