Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stevie and the Breadwinners

Here's a lost treasure from the Black Ark, dating back to the late 1970's.....hold it, hold it.....rewind selector. I cannot tell a lie, this very fine tune actually eminates from a group of musicians based in Manchester and was recorded at The Bakery Studio in Stockport circa 2013. Would you adam & eve it?

The Breadwinners, lead by Alan Redfern, appear to be the studio's house band and on 'Pass It To You' they accompany Stevie, about whom, regretfully, I can tell you nothing. Check out several more remarkable recordings from The Bakery here.


Old Pa's Corner said...

That is quite would have fooled me...well knock me down with a feather

Anonymous said...

Great find. I've bookmarked their page. Thanks. Not only does it sound authentic JA 70's dub style it's good with it. They must have some fun up there in the Bakery.

The Swede said...

Good stuff isn't it? I particularly admire the complete lack of digital input to the recording process - it's authentic analogue all the way!

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