Thursday, 16 May 2013

Steve Martland

Towards the end of the 1980's, Factory Records launched a classical music label with a handful of albums, which I dutifully stocked in my shop in order to support this interesting venture. Among the initial batch was an album by the, then, 30 year old English composer Steve Martland. I immediately found Martland's music recognisable and understandable to my predominantly rock mindset and went on to purchase a number of his subsequent releases.

Listening to the radio yesterday afternoon, it came as something of a jolt to learn in passing that Steve Martland died in his sleep last week, at the age of just 53. I immediately reached for a couple of those early albums and was gratified to hear that they remain as vibrant and powerful as ever.


Anonymous said...

Sad news. I've never sat down and listened to his music, I'm afraid. This track sounds interesting.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Never heard of him..track was pretty good...if you gotta go probably the best way!

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