Monday, 6 May 2013

Looking Through the Window

Something strange is going on around here. Our house has suddenly become a magnet for birds and I don't mean the general area, I'm talking about the building itself. Over the last week we've had a tit and two robins standing on the back door handle while tapping on the glass, and today, as I sat at my computer, I had a sparrow tapping at the window to my right and two collared-doves standing looking at me on the window sill to my left. Here's one of them.

Even as I type these words, another sparrow has appeared and is tapping on the pane to my left. What's going on? Mrs S brought me an adhesive window bird feeder for my birthday, which is currently sitting on the table waiting to be attached to the outside one of these very windows. Perhaps word has got out and the locals are becoming impatient.


C said...

Oh what a gorgeous picture! They're such pretty birds. Had to rescue one from our chimney a few years back (hmm, that was a long-drawn out drama!) and they've been especially close to my heart ever since.

As for all these birds tapping at your window... I wonder what that's all about?! I know some like picking at the putty in window frames to dislodge small insects, spiders, etc. but if they're knocking on the glass then it would seem that the attraction is you! You'd better stop eating those muesli bars and peanuts...

Or - sometimes they see their reflections as being mating rivals. I once witnessed a long-tailed tit who was obsessed with his reflection in our shed window and kept attacking it. In the end I had to put something over it! (the window that is, not the long tailed tit...)

Lovely post... Birds always make my heart flutter :-)

The Swede said...

I think you've hit the nail on the head with you reflection suggestion C. Yesterday afternoon I was at my window, gazing aimlessly down the lane when I noticed a chaffinch having a right go at his own reflection in the window of my car! I'm sure none of this happened last year, though perhaps I'm just gradually becoming more attuned to the comings and goings of our feathered friends.

Glad you liked the snap.

Old Pa's Corner said...

When we lived in Jeddah we rescued a very young dove type bird, like the one in the became very tame and would not leave us when fully grown. sadly we left the door open and our cat got in and turned the lights out for the poor little thing.

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