Wednesday 23 October 2013

Jonathan Wilson

Two years after the fabulous 'Gentle Spirit' comes Jonathan Wilson's new LP, 'Fanfare', featuring contributions from Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Roy Harper and Gary Louris of The Jayhawks. Wilson is a respected producer, with, personal favourite, Father John Misty's 'Fear Fun' among his credits. 'Fanfare' is, in it's own way, as quietly diverse as that LP, basking in the golden glow of the Laurel Canyon one minute, before heading off into prog-lite noodlings, folky flourishes or gentle funk workouts the next.

In common with so many of my favourite efforts of 2013, 'Fanfare' is, unapologetically, an 'album' - best enjoyed when listened to from start to finish. Here though, by way of a taster, is 'Dear Friend'.


Anonymous said...

Who let the bloody hippies in? Is it 1971? Actually really liked this - especially the noodling! Reminds me of Man in those bits. Very nice.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Been meaning to listen to this, that has just given me the nudge I needed. That is some list of guests mention there....great to have friends!!

The Swede said...

I'm very excited to learn that he's coming to a town near me soon! If I make it to the show, I'll report back.

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