Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bloody Eye

Today we took ourselves off to Southwold for a refreshing blast of sea air, a chippy lunch and a pint of Adnams, beer of the Gods. As I wandered back from the bar after ordering the aforementioned feast, I had the sudden sensation of having been poked in the eye, even though I hadn't - a very odd feeling. When I reached our table Mrs S's expression spoke volumes. A vessel must have popped and the white of my right eye was already becoming blood red and fairly unpleasant to look at.

There is little better, after such a fine lunch, than an invigorating walk along an out-of-season beach, when the wind is howling and the waves are crashing into shore a few feet away. Bracing is the word and it really does remind you that you're alive, even if you are wearing sunglasses to hide an unsightly, bloody eye.


C said...

Bloody Eye ? - isn't that Liam Gallagher's group...? ;-)

Seriously though - you poor thing, hope it gets back to normal v quickly, also hope it doesn't hurt! You could try wearing an eye patch perhaps, very rock'n'roll, or at least very Johnny Kidd & the Pirates / Adam Ant / Gabrielle / New Romantic...
(And then just accessorise with a tiny hat!)

Hope it clears up soon.

The Swede said...

Thanks C. No pain so far, just that odd sensation of phantom eye pokeage. In fact if it wasn't for people gagging when they see it, I would probably have forgotten about it by now!

Eye patch and tiny hat - what a combo. why didn't I come up with that one?

Old Pa's Corner said...

Ahoy there Mr S, you could borrow my parrot.
How very odd, did you get it seen to or do internet self Diagnosis.
I like the sound of that beer and the crashing waves

John Medd said...

Should have gone to Specsavers. Good call with Keith Hudson by the way.

The Swede said...

Old Pa. I haven't had it seen by a doctor. I had a little look online, which confirmed that it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Three days later, the blood is gradually draining from the eye.

Southwold is recommended. If you make it to Latitude next year, I'll meet you there for a pint!

John. Hudson the producer is always great, but Hudson the vocalist is a bit more hit and miss to these ears. 'Bloody Eyes' is a blinder though - no pun intended.

flycasual said...

Mmmm Adnams. I remember visiting Southwold and walking on an 'out of season' beach. It was raining and the call of a local pub was too much despite my wife protesting that she was hungry. My wife and I were in our early days and we were still checking each other out...yeah. It was early evening and I was enjoying the local brew so much that after a few 'one for the roads' later I thought I'd better finish up before she passed out with hunger. A trip to the legendary local fish and chip shop beckoned but upon arrival they were in the process of closing up. A very heated discussion concerning my insistence that I have an extra pint of Broadside ensued who wasn't very pleasant. In hindsight it wasn't the best of ideas and we both went to bed hungry but hey she's still with me. I deserved a black eye. Keith Hudson, I more aware of his dub work but this is a great tune!

The Swede said...

flycasual. Adnams is such a moreish pint! If you ever get back to Southwold, I can highly recommend taking the brewery tour. Absolutely fascinating, plus you get a generous free-tasting session at the end!

I don't know of a legendary chip shop in Southwold, but there's a corker down the road in the equally lovely Aldeburgh, a town where even if the streets are empty, but there will always be a huge queue at the chippy!

flycasual said...

As a matter of fact I did take that very tour! And now you mentioned it, it was Aldeburgh...the chippy was on a corner if I remember right!

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