Saturday, 12 October 2013

Saturday Scratch #30 - Leroy Sibbles

Form an orderly queue! This is recent bounty from the allotment, currently sitting on the window sill until it's ready to be transformed, magically, into spicy, hearty soup by Mrs S. The allotment produced many a mouthwatering treat this year, in spite of the best efforts of the local rabbit population. We're in the process of erecting a fence around our plot, which will hopefully keep the blighters at bay. Next year we might need a bigger window sill.

Here, from 1979, is one of the very last great tunes to emerge from The Black Ark Studio. Produced by Lee Perry, it's Leroy Sibbles talking about the 'Garden of Life'.

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C said...

Yummy. Enjoy your magic soup! (But they make such a beautiful display it's almost a shame to eat them...)

The Swede said...

Thanks C, my thoughts exactly....until I tasted Mrs S's soup!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Wow! that looks very impressive....I am a bit of a soup is all part of the big scheme to loose weight....fil yourself up with oil, veg only....and then smaller portions with less carbs....working so far?

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