Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Version City #18 - Zee Avi sings Morrissey

Since we're on a Morrissey tip, here's Malaysian singer, songwriter and ukulele player Zee Avi's divine interpretation of 'The First of the Gang to Die'. This tune cropped up on one of the, otherwise interminable, background muzak compilations that we were obliged to play on permanent rotation at the coffee shop in which I worked. The discs, though regularly updated, consisted of 99% dismal aural wallpaper, with just a very occasional gem randomly dropped into the mix. It was little moments of pop delight such as this that got me through the day.


Anonymous said...

Totally wonderful. I was half expecting some kind of madcap female Far Eastern George Formby (which would actually be a good thing as well) but, dare I say it, I prefer this to the original. Lovely.

C said...

I like it! What a turn-up for the books.
Those odd versions of songs you hear in shops often baffle me - who's singing, why don't they have their own music career, why put THAT voice with that song, why don't they just put the radio on(or is that all about PRS and the shops would have to pay?!)...?

The Swede said...

Glad you enjoyed the tune SB. Madcap Female Far Eastern George Formby is a genre long overdue a revival.

I agree totally C. B&Q are the worst. I want to rip my own head off 30 seconds after entering one of their stores, as they are currently bottom of the pops as far as piping naff cover versions to the masses is concerned. I think it must be some PRS body swerve that allows them to pour this garbage down our ears for nowt. Personally I'd prefer birdsong - and I'm sure the staff would concur at the end of a long shift.

Old Pa's Corner said...

What a real cracker, she has great voice too.

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