Thursday 9 January 2014

Sweet Baboo

With a certain inevitability, no sooner had I put down the metaphorical pen on my 'Tracks of 2013' list, the tunes I forgot to include began popping into my head with alarming regularity. 'The Morse Code For Love' by Sweet Baboo is just one example. Stephen Black (as he's known to his mates) has fingers in many musical pies (Cate Le Bon, Gruff Rhys, The Voluntary Butler Scheme and The Slow Club to name a few) and yet still finds time to create irresistible pop moments such as this.


Anonymous said...

He does have a way with a tune but have to say I can't listen to his vocals - all that sensitive indie warbling. In other hands I think I could like his songs a lot, though.

Old Pa's Corner said...

A first hearing for me, nice tune...I was checking out a couple of weeks back a list of top albums and the amount of great stuff you miss is frightning....just got to keep pushing I suppose and take what you hear!

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