Tuesday, 7 January 2014

At Night in Dreams

At first it seemed like a little yappy fox pup, so I opened the gate to let it in, but as it came closer I saw saliva dripping from it's mouth and the yap became a yelp became a bark became a blood curdling howl - then it lunged at me. Close up, the dog was big, very big indeed. Rancid breath, teeth sickly yellow, biting at my legs. I tried to get away, but it was too large and too strong, so I kicked out again and again, swinging my leg wildly in blind panic at it's head. My foot connected full in it's face, but it didn't flinch, just growled terrifyingly and kept biting and biting me. I had to get free, but couldn't. No escape. Kick, kick, kick. 

Then I woke up. It was 3.30am, dark and quiet. My foot hurt like hell......so did Mrs S's leg apparently. Surprisingly, she's still talking to me.


Old Pa's Corner said...

A story Stephen King would be proud of...can't wait to see the movie....I am just getting back to normal after a couple of weeks in the UK..we were greeted back by warm blue skies....heaven! Great sound White Denim

The Swede said...

Good to hear from you Old Pa. I trust you and the family had a good Christmas? White Denim? One of my albums of the year...if I ever get around to posting the list.

C said...

Like Old Pa says, can't wait to see the movie! But poor you (and Mrs S), that sounds so horribly vivid and real, I wonder what triggered it (cramp, perhaps?!)

Haven't heard White Denim before; with my unfamiliar ears that made me think of a kind of prog/jazz-rock Thin Lizzy!

The Swede said...

I seem to have those kind of vivid thrashing around nightmares more and more nowadays. This is the first time I've actually kicked Mrs S, though she's had to shake me awake in the past to get me to calm down.

You should check out the White Denim album if you get a chance C. Your description is pretty spot on!

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