Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Every Day I Fall Apart

As a man of a certain age, I can't help but notice that many of life's niggling aches, pains and minor discomforts that once I could swiftly shake off, now have a habit of sticking around for a great deal longer, rather like an unwelcome guest at a party. Indeed, after feeling a twinge just the other morning I ruefully mumbled to myself that I was gradually falling apart. On a positive note, that one idle thought inserted a splendid earworm into my noggin for the entire rest of the day, 'Every Day I Fall Apart' the 1997 single by Scottish band Superstar.

Superstar were lead by Joe McAlinden and traded throughout the 1990's, during which time I managed to accumulate a number of their releases and catch them in concert on three separate occasions. Joe slipped off my radar following the band's split at the turn of the century, but after humming 'Every Day I Fall Apart' for about 10 hours straight, I decided to find out what he's been up to lately - and I'm very glad I did. His current project is Linden, which has so far yielded two long players, the Edwyn Collins co-produced 'Bleached Highlights' in 2012 and last year's 'Rest And Be Thankful'. I listened to both of the albums and they were so good that I bought them straight away. Each record is crammed with more glorious pop moments than you can shake a stick at and come warmly recommended. This is the title track from the most recent LP. You can check out the whole thing here.


C said...

These two song titles seem very suitably sequential! I'm sure you're a very long way off falling apart - but I do know what you mean; I've just started to get an occasional ache in my hips when I've done a lot of exercise and I thought *oh here we go...* And women can lose up to 20% of their bone density after menopause so there's something to look forward to! We never used to even think about this stuff, did we... dammit!

Anonymous said...

Music that is definitely new to me. Very catchy. 'Everyday I Fall Apart' is a bit similar to latter day Manics but we can't have it all. 'Rest & Be Thankful' is more to my liking and good advice. Nice. One of my clients recently asked me about my war experiences - as he was referring to the Second World War I was somewhat taken aback and felt the need to inform him that I was not born until a full fifteen years after it had ended! Bloody hell! I must look ancient.

Brian said...

Swede, There has been some great stuff from Collins' label, AED Records. May I suggest you join their email list? You'll never miss another title from Linden, and it's fun to keep with with Edwyn, Roddy and the rest. When you buy stuff directly from them, you always get a nice hand-written note and often get extras too. Edwyn signed my book about Postcard Records, and at holiday time you get live cassette recordings of old OJ shows with purchases. This is a label that gets it. Anyway, love the song you put up today.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Joe McAlinden must be one of Britain's most consistent and most underrated musicians.


Rol said...

Very much enjoyed both of those, he'll be going on my list. I thought I had no memory of Superstar at all, but when I checked out their albums online I did recognise the cover of their album Palm Tree. I may have owned it at one time and never properly listened to it. (The late 90s was a very busy time for my music collection... then again, so is 2016!)

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