Monday 18 April 2016


Soon after discovering the joys of Adnams beer at the tender age of 20, my pals and I pledged to make a group pilgrimage to Southwold (home of the aforementioned sacred beverage) to take the Adnams Brewery tour. We were never organised enough to get it together in those days though and another 30+ years would elapse before I eventually took the tour in 2013 - and it's well recommended if you ever find yourself in the area, but then I would say that wouldn't I? On Saturday, my 56th birthday, I fulfilled another similarly long-held ambition in the very same seaside town, when Mrs S & I climbed the iconic Southwold Lighthouse. The 113 steps to the top, spiral up around the internal wall of the structure, with just a handrail to separate you from the void. Mrs S, who isn't great with heights, had a very big wobble half way up (and a pretty much continuous wobble all the way down at the conclusion of the visit), but we made it and were rewarded with excellent views, in spite of the general miserableness of the weather on the day. (Click on any photo to enlarge)

Looking up at the climb and looking down towards the pier.

In the distance, Dunwich & Minsmere and down there............

..........the Adnams brewery. It must be time for a pint.



Walter said...

Finally done. I walked up to a lot of lighthouses during my journeys the last decades and every time I got rewarded by a great landscape (but never seen a brewery from the lighthouse).

Mark said...

Mmm Adnam's Broadside

C said...

Sounds like you had a good day but I sympathise with Mrs S and the fear of heights! Southwold looks like a model village in these shots - lovely. That first pic of the staircase is so brilliant - would make a good photo to hang on the wall - or an album cover!

Old Pa's Corner said...

I love a tower. I am also not great with hights. Cant wait to visit Shellhunter and do the Burj.

The Swede said...

Walter. Seeing the brewery was a great incentive to make it down quickly and safely!

Mark. Have you tried Ghost Ship? I was a non-believer for a very long time, but I've seen the light!

C. Thanks. I don't have a great head for heights either and looked at the wall in denial, at least until Mrs S came to a grinding halt at the halfway point. Then I made the mistake of looking over the rail. I didn't make the same mistake twice, just concentrated on getting Mrs S up and then down safely.

Old Pa. Had to Google the Burj. Wish I hadn't. Feeling a bit giddy now.

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