Saturday 30 April 2016

Western Skies Motel

Danish musician René González Schelbeck, trading as Western Skies Motel, makes, predominantly acoustic, instrumental music inspired by the wide open spaces of rural America. The recent LP, 'Settlers', is a extremely fine piece of work, while a companion 6 track EP, 'Generations', contains 'Myriads', a tune which steadily works its way to an electric crescendo and is my favourite piece from the project thus far. Shades of Fripp & Eno in that one, methinks.

Check out more music from Western Skies Motel here.


Walter said...

Great choices. I listen to their new record several times during the last days. A fantastic record, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. S,
Could I ask you to please remove the link to my blog?

Thanks very much, and hope you had a great time in London.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Sounds a bit John Fahey ish. Which is a good thing!....yes I like it.

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