Friday, 5 May 2017

All That Jazz #3 - Sound Etiquette

The most contemporary contribution to this series thus far comes from Sound Etiquette, a trio out of Oakland California who came together in 2014. Nick Obando (sax), Eli Wallace (keys) and Aaron Levin (drums) are veteran players on the Bay Area circuit and recorded all eight tunes on their self-titled debut LP in one day. The early 1970's electric work of Miles Davis is a recognisable touchstone on 'A Clearing' and 'The Tides', though things do get a tad more free-form elsewhere. 'Entrance' is, fittingly, the first track on the album - a quirky, dubby opening salvo. Find out more about Sound Etiquette here.

Sound Etiquette - Entrance


Anonymous said...

It is truly uplifting that musicians are still taking jazz out there (in both senses). This really touched the spot whilst I sipped my coffee this morning. I will certainly be hoping to hear more of their music. Thanks.

The Swede said...

Glad you enjoyed Sound Etiquette SB. There's an awful lot of good jazz out there at the moment, old and new. Have you heard Kamasi Washington's new tune 'Truth' yet? Fabulous.

Brian said...

You have taken this jazz thing to places I never expected. New stuff? Never thought of that. Nice find(s).

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