Thursday, 2 July 2015


A few more photographic memories of our short holiday in North Norfolk.

This is Bruce. He immediately made us feel very welcome on his patch and became a proper little poser whenever a camera appeared.

Fred Astaire. We stayed in a secluded cabin, the roof of which Fred and Ginger (not pictured) treated as their dance floor each morning. Fred appears to have removed his tap shoes for this photo.

There were no street lights in the remote village we called home, so we were treated to some glorious late evening skies. 

We saw a wide variety of birds on our travels, from tiny Wrens to the mighty Marsh Harriers that seemed to be everywhere. I spent much of the time gazing through my binoculars at the bird-life rather than the camera lens, but while walking down a long country lane in the blistering heat, we encountered this Chaffinch who showed no inclination to fly away, at least until he'd finished his song.


Murcof - Memoria


Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs and the music was quite something too.

Charity Chic said...

Wonder what happens if you take the Non-Permissive Path?

C said...

Oh SO gorgeous - such excellent photos. That chaffinch is certainly a character.
Yes, like CC, I can't help but wonder what the alternative route would be to the path pictured. And does the Permissive Path lead to the Permissive Society?

Brian said...

You are quite the shutterbug. Those photos of the birds are amazing... and I don't mean the ladies.

The Swede said...

Thanks all. Many have taken the non-permissive path, but few have returned to tell the tale. I have to say that I'm well chuffed with how well the Chaffinch photos came out. I was across the road in direct sunshine, practically shooting blind on full zoom and fired off three shots, all of which turned out good. That never usually happens. My lucky day.

Anonymous said...

@ The Swede,
My blog isn't updating in blogrolls, so I thought I'd let you know that I re-posted the tunes for you (for today only.) Hope you enjoy them.

The Swede said...

Marie. I didn't have a moment to get near my computer yesterday and when looked this morning, the tunes were gone again. Oh well. Thanks anyway.

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