Monday, 20 July 2015


Bittersweet, funny, poignant. This is 'A Bigger Man' by Paperface. The song is gorgeous, the clip is inspired and the photo? That's me on Christmas Day 1972, three days after seeing T.Rex in concert. I was dreaming that I'd take over the world one day, me and my guitar, in a chauffeur driven car, all the way.


Anonymous said...

It's very early in the morning here, so I'll listen to the song later but I must say how much I love that photo. Great hair and the T. Rex shine is still in evidence. Boogie on!

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture
Swiss Adam

C said...

Oh, there's that boy who goes down the Warp Drive Duffle Buttons Youth Club Disco every week!

The Swede said...

Thanks Singing Bear. 43 years on, the T.Rex shine is still very much around. Sadly the hair isn't.

Swiss Adam. The copy of the photo that I've been familiar with for over 40 years was, unbeknownst to me, a tightly cropped version of this original, which I only discovered while sorting through a box of negatives last year. It was a total revelation to see this wide shot with the budgie's cage on one side and the paraffin heater on the other. I felt like I could step into the photo and back into our old living room again.

C. Rumbled. Wearing that dyed (thanks Mum) orange nylon shirt, it couldn't possibly be anyone else!

Walter said...

You're right, Swede. This song is gorgeous and I didn't heard it for a long time. This photo is brilliant - a young guy looking forward to be next Marc Bolan again.

Scott said...

What a wonderful photo, was the guitar a Christmas gift ?

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