Monday, 29 January 2018


Radio 1 A-listed, supported by MTV and with a debut single, 'To Myself', so beloved by John Peel, that he voted it into his top ten records of 1997, Cuff seemed on the verge of great things for a while. The band unleashed single number two, 'Yellowmaddacoolivision', later in the year then in 1998 followed with the five track 'Breathe' EP, after which they were snapped up by Atlantic Records and flew to New York to record their debut LP. And here, to quote The Sundays, is where the story ends. Somewhere between the conclusion of the recording sessions and the proposed 1999 release date, Atlantic Records and Cuff fell out with each other. The LP was never released and the band split in 2000. How awful must that feel?

In my opinion Cuff's finest 4 minutes were hidden away as the third track on the 'Yellowmaddacoolivision' CD single. The euphoric chorus of 'I've Just Had a Dream' grabbed my attention when I first heard it twenty years ago and still sounds thrilling today.

Cuff - I've Just Had a Dream

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