Friday, 12 January 2018

Johnny O'The Brine

Always moving, always busy, Alasdair Roberts returns on March 23rd, with a new LP 'What News'. The follow up to 2016's 'Pangs' was recorded with Amble Skuse & David McGuinness and is once again on the Drag City label. Among the record's eight songs are a couple I've seen Alasdair play more than once, in fact he's been performing his interpretation of 'The Fair Flower of Northumberland' on stage for over seven years.

Here's 'Johnny O'The Brine', the first taste of 'What News' and an audience recording of Alasdair and old mucker Will Oldham duetting on 'The Fair Flower of Northumberland' back in 2011.


Unknown said...

In my neck of the woods, (North East Scotland), this song is known as 'Johnny O' Braidislee' which I first heard on record 50 or so years ago. The Scottish traditional music group, Old Bind Dogs, do a fine version.

The Swede said...

Fascinating stuff Gram. I love learning of these regional variations. Thanks for taking the time to add a link.

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