Thursday, 26 April 2012

Perfect Pop

Old Pa's Corner over at Tune Doctor encouraged the suggestion of some Perfect Pop Records, following a great (and heartbreaking) post. I pulled a couple off the top of my head, but held back these to post myself.

Neither tune was released as singles to my knowledge, hence the lack of accompanying videos, but both are sublime, seductive slices of that glorious music we call pop.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Rosebuds and Iron & Wine.


Anonymous said...

Hey, these are both great. I've never heard of The Rosebuds, so thanks for spreading the word.

C said...

Like Singing Bear, I'd never heard of the Rosebuds either (or Iron & Wine come to that!) - some large gaps in my musical education there! Very sweet and mellow. I like this 'perfect pop' theme! I mentioned a couple of mine earlier on Grown Up Backwards... and keep thinking of more... have popped over to read Tune Doctor too. Perfect pop is a great antedote to a crappily cold and wet April don't you think?!

The Swede said...

The Rosebuds have five (I think!) studio albums available, all worth checking out, but Bluebird is their finest moment to date - one I find it hard to imagine that they'll ever better.

Both tunes benefit from tender backing vocals and sound somehow effortless in their construction and delivery. I love 'em!

Yes C, it's still raining! I'm off to play them again!

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