Friday, 27 April 2012

Perfect Pop...Slight Return

Just a few more suggestions of Perfect Pop moments, following on from Tune Doctor's post on Wednesday, this time of a slightly older vintage.

Rod (with The Faces) when he still mattered, Mott the Hoople's epic penultimate single and Altered Images, from their final and (in my opinion) best LP on which every track is a pop nugget.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I had that Altered Images album. Haven't heard it for many years. You're right, it should have heralded a big career for them but, for some reason, people didn't seem to take to their more mature style.

As for Mott and The Faces - the best that rock and roll can get. I'm with you on Rod, who was brilliant up until 'Atlantic Crossing' but crossing the Atlantic destroyed him.

The Swede said...

Dig out 'Bite' if you still have it, and give it a listen, it stands up really well. Co-produced by Mike Chapman & Tony Visconti who brought a sophistication to their sound which, as you say, should've taken their career to another level instead of killing it off. Tragic.

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