Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Version City #57 - Pete Townshend sings The Beat

Talking as we were about The Beat, I'm reminded of Pete Townshend's admirable cover of 'Save It For Later', which was originally released on the band's final LP, 'Special Beat Service' in 1982. Townshend recorded the song in the studio during the sessions for his 1985 album 'White City', a version that eventually appeared over 20 years later on a deluxe CD reissue. Here though is a live performance of 'Save It For Later' from 1985, which wound up seeing the light of day on 'Deep End Live!' the following year. In the clip, Pete references the song's unusual tuning and the direct phone call to composer Dave Wakeling that cleared up his confusion. In 2006 Dave Wakeling recalled the same phone call, and subsequent meeting with Townshend, from his own perspective.

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