Friday, 4 August 2017

Coast Ghosts

From the end of the pier

You heard it here first. As exclusively predicted earlier this week on these very pages, Mrs S & I headed the few miles over to the coast on Wednesday, in order to celebrate her birthday. It was an exhaustingly windy day, one of those days where your face becomes stuck in a weird contorted grimace as you walk into the howling gale, but we were determined to enjoy the break from our normal routine and joined a few other hardy souls for a walk on the beach and along the pier. I don't know where all the holidaymakers were, tucked up snugly indoors probably, but it felt like we almost had the place to ourselves. It was tough just holding the camera steady in the wild weather, but I managed fire off a couple of shots to mark the occasion. Click on any of 'em to blow them up to a reasonable size.

Yes, we got wet

 Only the gulls remained unfazed by the wind

It's her birthday and she'll paddle if she wants to

From The Kramford Look's debut LP '1970', confusingly released in 2011, this is 'Coast Ghost'.

The Kramford Look - Coast Ghost


George said...

I have no idea who the Kramford Look are/were, but this is a splendid track. I hope you didn't pilfer your partner's chips on her birthday (one of our dogs has just stolen part of what would have been my partner's birthday breakfast - this has not gone to well with her).

C said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like a tornado in that second one.... what a lovely Summer's day! Glad to see Mrs S dipping her toes in the water, yes you have to do these things. I love that word 'groyne' too, although it looks like it should just be the archaic spelling of the other kind!
The Kramford Look track made me think of Zero 7 on acid - a nice strange mood to it, and goes well with the pics somehow.

The Swede said...

George. In the queue at the chip shop, I asked if the curry sauce was suitable for vegetarians. 'Oh yes,' said the nice lady, '...but we fry our chips in beef dripping.' I'm bloody glad I asked, as there was no signage up. Long story short, Mrs S had her birthday seaside chips and I went down the road and bought myself a delicious veggie empanada. (Happy birthday to your other half by the way).

C. I can't tell you how raw it felt, even though in reality the weather was obviously far more benign than it is in deepest winter, when we often walk quite happily along the prom. It certainly kept the holiday crowds down!
Glad you both enjoyed the tune, they're an interesting bunch.

Brian said...

If that's summer in your parts, I'm sorry, but I did enjoy these photos. Nothing beats a deserted beach. Hope Mrs. S had a great day.

John Medd said...

Bracing. A belated MHROTD to your GLW.

Alyson said...

Funnily enough our break by the sea the other weekend was incredibly windy as well - No sand sculptures this time, which was a shame. As C noted that black cloud looked very tornado like. I will share some of our photos soon but interesting to note that although our North of Scotland beaches (Sutherland actually) are amazing there are of course no beach huts, no seafront villas, no piers - Just lots and lots of sea and sand. Would be nice sometimes to stop for some chips/ice-cream and quickly eat them before the gulls swoop down!

Rol said...

Those are some pretty spectacular pictures. Made me want to be there.

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