Monday, 7 August 2017

Easy, As You're Waiting

As the winds increased still further and the rain began to fall in sheets, Mrs S & I retired with haste to the nearest cover. It was one of those ancient, wooden, open-sided huts that were once omnipresent on the promenades of our coastal resorts, but are now only found in the most gentile of seaside towns, relics of a bygone age. This one must have stood unchanged for a hundred years or more. As we sat sheltering from the deluge, something blurred past us and up into the rafters causing a flurry of excited screams, before blurring back past us out into the rain. It was a swallow's nest, just a few feet above our heads. We watched the parent (or parents) come and go a half a dozen times within the space of a few minutes. I was thrilled and mesmerised. If Mrs S hadn't pointed out that the rain had eased up, I'd be sitting there still.

In between parental visits, three little heads peered silently and expectantly from the gloom. I optimistically fired off at least 20 shots into the semi-darkness - just one came out with any clarity.


I was inordinately fond of Los Halos for a few years in the early noughties and, if your tastes run in something of a Sparklehorse direction, I can thoroughly recommend any one of their first three LP's. 'Easy, As You're Waiting' is taken from my favourite of those three, 2002's 'For Ramona'. If you like this tune, check out (and/or pay what you like for) the whole album here.

Los Halos - Easy, As You're Waiting


George said...

Just bought the album from Bandcamp

Charity Chic said...

That George - he is a sucker for nature pictures
Falls for it all the time

The Swede said...

George has taste!

George said...

The Swede is of course right.

C said...

Oh fantastic about the swallows - wish I could've been there! To be so close to them is really something; lovely pic.
I'm waiting for the annual flying training that takes place from our roof in late Summer. Every year the littl'uns line up just above the gutter and take short flights from there over and over again for a few days, encouraged by their parents. There is much burbling and excitement (and that's just from me). I'm not sure where these ones nest but it can't be far away.

Rol said...

I love swallows. Probably my favourite bird. They're mental.

Will check out Los Halos tomorrow.

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