Friday, 27 February 2015

55 From 55 - 1966

55 songs in 55 days - one for every year of my far.

Christmas '66

For obvious reasons, all of the music discussed thus far in this series, burrowed its way into my consciousness slightly later in my childhood, when I was old enough to fully take it in. From this point on, though, I began to enjoy new records bought by Dad, or others I heard on the radio, as they appeared. Take 'Pretty Flamingo' by Manfred Mann for example. Years later, I'd hear great versions by artists such as Paul Weller, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello, but I'll always return to the original. Some songs just take you right back there. And this one does just that.


Anonymous said...

Can't say much but agree with your assessment of its total fabness. '66 was quite a year.

Vintage Spins said...

It brings back some good memories, Mr. S. Was it the last record Paul Jones made with the group before Mike d'Abo (?) took over as the lead vocalist?

C said...

I know what you mean about the change from music burrowing its way into your consciousness a little later because you were very young at the time, and then the change as it starts to appear in the moment. I can totally understand how Pretty Flamingo did that for you. And another great photo - that cheeky smile is a constant!

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