Sunday, 22 March 2015

55 From 55 - 1989

55 songs in 55 days - one for every year of my far.

A few words about the title of my business. I was the third (and final) incumbent to run a record shop on the site, the previous two people, both of whom I knew, had plumped for hanging their given names above the door, i.e. Fred's Records. I was keen to break away from the tradition and wanted to call my shop 'something', rather than another '(insert name here) Records'. The business title I'd chosen was 'Rhythm Collision', inspired by the 1982 Ruts DC album of the same name.

Looking sleepy in 1989.

A couple of weeks before I was due to take over the business in 1986, I had a series of meetings with a very helpful small business support company, who provided free advice and contacts for new starters. The first piece of advice they gave me, however, was to ditch my chosen business name, arguing that by putting my own moniker above the door, I would establish an immediate personal identity within the small community. I reluctantly allowed myself to be overruled and '(Insert my name here) Records' it became. They were right I suppose, I did become well known in the town fairly quickly and for a while it seemed that everyone knew my name. Rhythm Collision would've been far cooler though.


'Torch' is my favourite track from my favourite Psychedelic Furs LP, 'Book of Days', issued in late 1989. If you like the song, try to track down 'House', the only UK CD Single from the album, where you'll find an otherwise unavailable stripped-down version of 'Torch' as one of the b-sides.


Walter said...

It's a great song that I have almost forgotten to play over the last years. Thank you for it, Swede

george said...

Swede, as Walter says, it's a very good song. Never heard it before but will be playing it again. Rthyhm Collision wasn't a bad name, but now you mention it, a LOT of record shops seemed to be named after owners. In my hme town was I&N, Chalmers and Joy, Forbes. All very fine, and, of course, all long long gone. But I don;t think Groucho's is owned by a bkloke named Groucho.

Erik Bartlam said...

I don't remember any of the record stores I bought from being named after the owner...Vinyl Fever, The Record Bar (sign had with sticking out of candy bar wrapper), Little Big Store...but, 75% of the restaurants I deal with have there name on the door. For this very reason and it does that way.

Brian said...

Hi Swede. I was really into the first four Psychedelic Furs albums, but I don't think I have ever listened to Book of Days. I like your selection today. I'm going to give it a go. Those with the loot sure have a lot of say, don't they?

The Swede said...

Walter. A great song from an underrated album.

George. I really wanted an abstract name like Rough Trade or Small Wonder, which is what attracted me to Rhythm Collision. It wasn't to be though.

Erik. My name above the door was certainly an advantage in that sense, particularly in a small town like the one I was in.

Brian. I agree about the first 4 LP's. 'Midnight to Midnight' wasn't so good, but 'Book of Days' was, for me, their last hurrah. Hope you enjoy it.

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