Saturday, 7 March 2015

55 From 55 - 1974

55 songs in 55 days - one for every year of my far. 

By 1974 we'd all enjoyed singles by Dave and Ansel Collins, The Pioneers, Bob and Marcia, Greyhound, Dandy Livingstone and several other reggae performers. I'm pretty sure that no-one in my circle of friends had heard anything quite like 'Ire Feelings' though. The song literally reverberated around the school playground, everyone was talking about it or singing along to it.

Suddenly shooting up again in 1974.

Producer Rupie Edwards used the rhythm and some vocal elements from Johnny Clarke's 'Everyday Wondering' to create a remarkable dubwise mash-up, with an unforgettable refrain. You'll be singing this for the rest of the day.


Walter said...

Once more great stuff, Swede. I know how it is to be the first one listening to music the crowd don't know about.
Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

One of the all time classic cuts. Means much to me as well.

Anonymous said...

What a difference a year makes, Mr. S. You must be nearing 6 ft. tall in this pic.

I hadn't heard either of these songs on my side of the world, but you're right - I think it will be echoing in my head for the rest of the day!

Brian said...

All grow'd up. Swede. Great picks today.

C said...

What a difference a year makes!

John Medd said...

Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Gram Parsons.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Totally great stuff...looks as if it is a shame I came in here and not at the beginning....I'm on catch up!

The Swede said...

Walter. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the tune.

Singing Bear. Thought you'd enjoy this one.

Marie. Probably hovering around 6ft, yes. I eventually reached 6'6"!

Brian. Cheers!

C. Indeed, after the brief pause in 1971/72, I was shooting up again.

John. Brilliant! Comment of the day!

Old Pa. Good to have you back. Hope you and the family are doing ok.

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